Peanut Butter Festival

309 Broad Street, Suite 2
New Bethlehem, PA. 16242
Phone: (814) 275-3929
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The Peanut Butter Festival welcomes our Stage Entertainment which includes singing, dancing, performing arts and much more!

Click the name of the artist or band below for their biography and more details.

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For more information about the Route 8 Band, please visit their Facebook page:

Hailing from Western PA, the Son of Leroy is Shawn Hook. His musical roots and influences come from a long history of family musicians, friends, a countless number of bands and the church. For 20 plus years he’s performed and wrote music for many musical styles including country, hardcore, rock, and music for the church. Previously he was a member of the bands Leatherwood, Thorn Haven, 10 Degrees East, String and Simon Sez.

Various local artists from around the New Bethlehem area & Redbank Valley community play/perform on stage including the following. Contact us if you’re interested in performing!

  • Brianna Callensburg
  • Marenna Harmon
  • Gabriel Spence
  • Jared Spence
  • Elisabeth Hook
  • Alena Keller
  • David Nagele III
  • Hope Spence

The New Bethlehem Barber Shop Choir will be performing at this years Peanut Butter Festival. Show your support by attending their concert! For more info, please visit our event schedule:

At the tender young age of 7 Jimmy saw his first ventriloquist ever. From that moment on his life would never be the same. Shortly after that Jimmy saw a ventriloquist figure in the J.C. Penney Christmas catalog and begged his grandmother for one… That Christmas Bobby arrived. He began entertaining for family friends, then in his church, eventually banquets and weekend concerts.

Before entering full-time ministry, Jimmy traveled extensively in the gospel concert ministry. He has done numerous television and radio appearances. He has been the National Anthem Singer for the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball teams also the Pittsburgh Steelers football team. Now Jimmy’s talents has let him share from churches, college campuses, stadiums, The White House, campaign trail and county fairs.

Jimmy’s cast of characters are anything but dummies, they have taken on lives of their own. Each one has their own loyal fans!!!

Jimmy Swogger is presently the Lead Pastor of the Oakland Church of God. Oakland is a growing church located in Distant, Pennsylvania.

Jimmy is very experienced, and in demand for speaking and music events. Each year he speaks at numerous revivals and camp meetings, retreats, and ministers gatherings nationally. He is a concert artist, ventriloquist, motivational speaker, and a professional life coach.