Peanut Butter Festival

309 Broad Street, Suite 2
New Bethlehem, PA. 16242
Phone: (814) 275-3929
Fax: (814) 275-4269
[email protected]


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Administration & Finance Rich McGarrity
Management & Operations Board of Directors
Marketing & Advertising Gordon Barrows, Gennie & John Gerow
Setup/Clean-up/Garbage Board of Directors
Crafters & Food Vendors Gennie Gerow
Chamber Tent, Money & Tent Volunteers John Gerow, Gennie Gerow
Merchandise, Sponsorship & Schedule Gennie Gerow and Ali Mortenson
Emergency Coordinators Terry Beamer
Queen Contest Ali Mortenson, Gennie Gerow
Car Cruise Knight Cruisers
Tractor Show Art Desantis
5K Run Ryan Wells, Distant Fire Dept.
Inflatable Carnival Gennie Gerow
Eating Contest Village Pizza
Cook-Off Sandy Troup
Local Talent Gennie Gerow
Stage Entertainment Gennie Gerow
Parade Lisa Goth
Duck Race Becca Dougherty, Gennie Gerow
Fireworks Gordon Barrows, Gennie Gerow
Electric Terry Beamer
Photography Brad Bowser, Matt Green & Liz Harmon
Videography Brad Bowser
Sound/Audio Terry Beamer
Gumtown Park Reichard Family