Peanut Butter Festival

309 Broad Street, Suite 2
New Bethlehem, PA. 16242
Phone: (814) 275-3929
Fax: (814) 275-4269
[email protected]


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Administration & Finance Rich McGarrity
Management & Operations Board of Directors
Marketing & Advertising Gordon Barrows, Gennie & John Gerow
Setup/Clean-up/Garbage Mitch Blose & Rusty Price
Crafters & Food Vendors Gennie Gerow & Ali Mortenson
Chamber Tent, Money & Tent Volunteers Austin Blose, John Gerow & Mary Benton
Merchandise, Sponsorship & Schedule Gennie Gerow and Ali Mortenson
Emergency Coordinators Edward Goth & Barry Fox
Queen Contest Ali Mortenson & Judy Williams
Car Cruise Austin Blose & Knight Cruisers
Tractor Show Art Desantis
5K Run Mitch Blose and Austin Blose
Inflatable Carnival Gennie Gerow
Eating Contest Austin Blose
Cook-Off Mary Benton
Local Talent Gordon Barrows & Gennie Gerow
Barber Shoppers Gordon Barrows & Gennie Gerow
Stage Entertainment Gordon Barrows & Gennie Gerow
Mt. Bike Race N/A
Parade Lisa Goth & Gennie Gerow
Duck Race Mary Benton & Rusty Price
Fireworks Austin Blose & Mitch Blose
Motorcycle Cruise Bob & Amy Patrick
Electric Terry Beamer & Bill Reddinger
Photography Brad Bowser, Matt Green & Liz Harmon
Videography Brad Bowser
Sound/Audio Terry Beamer
Gumtown Park Reichard Family