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Business of the Month: October 2023

Laurel Eye Clinic & Laurel Laser & Surgery Center
“Celebrating 50 Years of Service to Western Pennsylvania!”

  • Organization Date – 1973
  • Owners – A 6 doctor partnership
  • Primary Products – Eye exams, diagnosis & treatment, high quality frames & lenses with a high level of personal care.
  • Business Goals – To provide eye care excellence

The first chilly nights and cooler days tell us that Fall, with all that it is and all that it means has arrived in the Redbank Valley. Archery season for deer starts on the last day of September, leading off the year’s hunting seasons. Locally, the first blushes of color are showing in the trees and full fall color will be here before we know it. With hunting seasons starting and the fall colors arriving, it is fitting that the Redbank Valley Chamber of Commerce highlights Laurel Eye Clinic & Laurel Laser & Surgery Center as October’s Business of the Month.

The ophthalmology practice that we know today as Laurel Eye Clinic & Laurel Laser & Surgery Center was founded in 1973 by Dr. Steven Goldberg. In 1984, Dr. Goldberg and his partners opened their eye clinic in Brookville and changed the practice’s name to “Laurel Eye Clinic”. Owned and managed by a 6-doctor partnership, the practice has grown to employ 12 optometrists and ophthalmologists serving patients in 11Western Pennsylvania towns: Brookville, New Bethlehem, DuBois, Clearfield, St. Mary’s, Grove City, Mercer, Bedford, Johnstown, Altoona, and Seneca. These 11 clinics are within driving range of most of rural, Western Pennsylvanians.

The Laurel Eye Clinic built and opened the Laurel Laser & Surgery Center in 2000. The addition of LASIK surgery greatly expanded the range of services that the practice can provide. Laurel Eye opened a second Laser & Surgery facility in Duncansville, south of Altoona. These two ambulatory surgery centers provide service for the whole Western Pennsylvania region.

Mrs. Ashley Provance, Fiscal Assistant/Marketing at Laurel Eye Clinic, offered that Laurel Eye provides eye care for all ages. Their 12 doctors have an incredibly wide range of skills, experience, and expertise. Each of these 12 have other doctors that they consult. This vast formal, and informal, networking gives Western Pennsylvanians “world class” eye care. She also mentioned that all the doctors take a deeply personal interest in each of their patients. These are some of the things that make Laurel Eye Clinic a cut above many modern health care providers.

Another unique aspect of Laurel Eye Clinic & Laurel Laser & Surgery Center is the practice’s emphasis on continuing education and training. The doctors and surgeons are constantly learning, trying new treatments, new technologies, and new corrective procedures. The surgeons have adopted “bladeless” LASIK surgery and are using retina injections to treat Macular Degeneration”, a condition that, until now, was a diagnosis of eventual blindness.

The training is not just for the medical team members, but all 120 employees – doctors through office personnel – are continuously updating their knowledge and skills in a practice wide effort to provide the very best service to their patients, keeping with a basic principle of the practice — treating others as we would want to be treated.

Businesses, including medical practices, have to evolve in order to survive. The Laurel Eye Clinic & Laurel Laser & Surgery Center is no exception. Mrs Provance said that the practice hopes to hire more surgeons, doctors, and support staff. LEC was able to hire 2 additional O.D.s in 2022, but more are needed. The goal of the hiring is to be able to have the satellite offices open more often, providing improved service and greater convenience for their patients.
While maybe a bit formal, I would like to share the following Mission Statement, Vision, and Core Values of the Laurel Eye Clinic & Laurel Laser & Surgery Center that Mrs. Provance provided.


We will provide comprehensive eye care to our patients by maintaining an uncompromising commitment to provide the highest level of patient care and service. We will remain committed to advancing our field and operate the practices in a highly efficient and respectful manner. VISION


The Laurel Eye Clinic is dedicated to being a leader in Ophthalmology by providing the highest quality care and related services. In so doing, we are committed to upholding the highest of ethical standards and place patient satisfaction above all else. From the simplest personal interaction to the most complex technologic procedure, every facet of our practice will serve to achieve this goal.


  • Quality of Care– We will strive to deliver uncompromised care to every patient.
  • Integrity– We accept our responsibility to operate with the highest integrity in all of our actions.
  • Adaptability– We treat change and new situations as opportunities for growth and development.
  • Respect– We will strive to provide an environment that fosters trust, respect, compassion, and communication.
  • Accountability– We deliver on our commitments and demonstrate personal accountability by asking what we can do to make a difference.

“The Laurel Eye Clinic & Laurel Laser & Surgery Center offers residents of the Redbank Valley the highest quality eye care possible. Their corporate culture, based on the Golden Rule, is an excellent “fit” in our community. Don’t miss out on this year’s gorgeous fall colors or miss that trophy buck because you can’t see well. Check out Laurel Eye Clinic and see what you’ve been missing!

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